Patrick Hale

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  1. Safina Alina avatar
    Safina Alina Sep 6, 2011

    Hello,Patrick! With peasure has looked at your pictures. Very interesting background.I see that you love Leisan and want to establish with it a happy family. You want,that the family inspired you on creative feats. You the talented person, and at you all will turn out.With impatience I will wait for you new pictures.
        With best regards Raisa.

  2. James avatar
    James Sep 6, 2011

    Very Creative; simplistic yet evokes true emotion.

  3. Kellie Nine avatar
    Kellie Nine Sep 6, 2011

    I love the paintings Patrick! I still have that book filled with your old ones. Beautiful!

  4. Patrick Hale avatar
    Patrick Hale Sep 6, 2011

    Thank you much very Raisa.  Appreciate Patrick does!

  5. Safina Alina avatar
    Safina Alina Sep 9, 2011

    Hi,Patrick! Painting Hills special. There is a lot of your thovghts about the life of past, present and future.I wish you the best!

  6. Andy avatar
    Andy Sep 10, 2011

    Hi Patrick,
        I like your work, especially the first three (OK, four), the more simple, yet emotive, the better.  I think you should do two more black and white ones to make a set of three…B

  7. Phillip Westchester avatar
    Phillip Westchester Sep 21, 2011

    I think these works are superb.  They are thought evoking and truly fantastic.  I do have a question about the last one in yellow however, they looking like a pair of googly eyes.  In fact it’s my favorite.  I do not like that you named them ‘Peeple’.  It’s a little grotesque, but I approve of your work.  Keep it up and invite me to your gallery show.